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7 CFO Podcasts for Every Finance Professional

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed what’s needed for companies and finance leaders to succeed. While the Office of Finance had already begun transitioning from a reporting entity to an advisory one, the pandemic has put that transformation on the fast track.

Suddenly CFOs need to stabilize the organization, plan for the new normal, and position the company for post-pandemic success. The stakes have never been higher for finance leaders. But you don’t have to figure it all out on your own.

From websites to books to podcasts, there are virtually endless learning opportunities for finance professionals. The challenge is finding the most inspiring content and actionable ideas.

We put our ears to the task to create this list of seven must-listen podcasts for CFOs and Finance Professionals who aspire to the executive boardroom. Take a listen and then take away career-changing insights.

7 Essential CFO Podcasts for Finance Professionals

CFO Thought Leader

Do you have the will to lead? The CFO Thought Leader podcast is designed to inspire finance professionals to take the next step in their career journeys. In each episode, Jack Sweeney chats with a CFO who has successfully driven change throughout their organization. The stories they share provide insights into overcoming obstacles, thriving in a competitive world, and achieving success.

Frequency: Twice a week
Length: 30 – 60 minutes
Learn more or subscribe: CFO Thought Leader

CFO Talks

This compelling podcast from SAIBA, the Southern Africa Institute for Business Accountants, dives into a myriad of technical and business management issues from an international perspective. Each episode features a South African finance leader who shares insights on a topic such as tariffs, diversity, automation, and outsourcing.

Frequency: Periodically
Length: 20 – 45 minutes
Learn more or subscribe: CFO Talks

Spend Culture: CFOs on People, Cash and Organizations

The Spend Culture podcast, hosted by Dani Hao, is centered on helping finance leaders proactively build a Spend Culture that can sustain an organization long-term. Podcast guests provide insights on scenario planning, spend management, contract management, corporate culture, and other issues affecting the Office of Finance.

Frequency: Usually twice a month
Length: 30 – 45 minutes
Learn more or subscribe: Spend Culture: CFOs on People, Cash and Organizations

CFO Bookshelf

This podcast is a spinoff of the popular weekly newsletter from During the episodes, hosts Mark Gandy and Bruce Reed talk to business leaders and authors about books, theories and experiences. Recent topics include financial modeling, hyper learning, accounting fraud, cash flow, and SaaS metrics.

Frequency: Multiple episodes per month
Length: 20 – 90 minutes
Learn more or subscribe: CFO Bookshelf

The Bottom Line

Host Evan Davis hosts intriguing conversations with business leaders about the topics that matter most during this highly-rated podcast from BBC Radio. Many recent discussions have focused on the implications of COVID-19 for the future of work, transportation, and the economy. Other recent topics include building a racially diverse business, managing conflict, and cryptocurrencies.

Frequency: 2-3 per month
Length: ~30 minutes
Learn more or subscribe: The Bottom Line

The Broad Experience

Ashley Milne-Tyte says that she started this podcast because, “after years in the workplace, I had finally realized things worked a little differently there if you were female.” For the last eight years, Ashley has dug into these differences through insightful conversations with women of all ages from various backgrounds. Her podcast themes run the gamut of the female experience and include topics such as immigration, forgiveness, ageism, and ambition.

Frequency: Every two weeks
Length: ~25 minutes
Learn more or subscribe: The Broad Experience

Financial Management

Expect stimulating conversations with executives and thought leaders in management accounting in this podcast from the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants (AICPA). Some episodes focus on timely topics such as responsible financial leadership during COVID-19 recovery. Other episodes dive into the skills needed to succeed as a finance leader, including effective email writing, exuding professionalism during video calls, and boosting integrated thinking. The podcast is hosted by Oliver Rowe, Neil Amato, and others from the AICPA editorial team.

Frequency: Multiple episodes per month
Length: 10 – 30 minutes
Learn more or subscribe: Financial Management

More Insights For These Challenging Times

Finance professionals should always be learning — and not just when there’s a global pandemic. Finance is a field where advances come fast and furious, expectations continually shift, and there are endless opportunities to change the trajectory of organizational and personal success. We hope these podcasts and their guests inspire you to tremendous success. Maybe we’ll hear your story featured in a future episode of one of them!

To complement your podcast listening, check out our Guide to Corporate Financial Planning During the Pandemic. There you’ll find actionable information to help you react to COVID-19 with insight and agility, monitor and manage cash flow, combat uncertainty with rolling forecasts, use scenario planning, and put people first.


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