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Absolutely Insightful: 30 Forward-Looking Finance Leaders to Follow

What does the future hold for the office of finance? There’s no denying the department’s role in the organization is evolving and expanding. Finance leaders have an unprecedented opportunity to become trusted advisors, using data to influence crucial decisions that will guide their organizations.

It’s an exciting time. But with that opportunity comes an understandable amount of hesitation — even confusion. To fully take advantage of finance’s new role, finance leaders need to be well-informed and well-equipped.

In the next few weeks, we will ask some of the industry’s brightest experts to share their thoughts on what’s ahead, from artificial intelligence to automation. Follow these finance leaders on social media to get a head start on the conversation.

30 Forward-Looking Finance Leaders to Follow

  1. Michael Bayer, Chief Financial Officer, iZotope, Inc.
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  1. Roelef Botha, Chief Financial Officer, Sequoia Capital
    Read This: Interview: Roelof Botha
    Follow Roelef: LinkedIn | Twitter
  1. Dave Chase, Managing Partner & CEO, Advanced CFO
    Read This: The Convergence of Finance and AI
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  1. Sanford Cockrell III, Global Leader and U.S. National Managing Partner, CFO Program, Deloitte LLP
    Read This: Finance Organizations Mostly in Early Stages of Adopting New Technologies: CFO Signals
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  1. Cheryl Dalrymple, CFO, Confluent
    Read This: Startup CFO’s Mantra: People First, Finance Second
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steven ehrenhalt
  1. Steven Ehrenhalt, Partner, Global & U.S. Leader, Finance Transformation Practice, Deloitte Consulting
    Read This: Finance in a Digital World: It’s Crunch Time for CFOs
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  1. Mike Gupta, Chief Financial Officer, Docker, Inc.
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  1. Amy Hood, Executive Vice President & CFO, Microsoft
    Watch This: Modern Finance with Amy Hood & Christian Rast
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Kelly Kramer
  1. Kelly Kramer, Executive VP and Chief Financial Officer, Cisco
    Read This: Leading Business Transformation at the Speed of Tech: Kelly Kramer, Cisco CFO
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  1. Colette Kress, EVP/CFO, NVIDIA
    Read This: Women in Tech: Colette Kress
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  1. Robert Kugel, SVP Business Research, Ventana Research
    Read This: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Business Applications
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samantha mansfield
  1. Samantha Mansfield, Director of Professional Development & Community,
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Jack McCullough
  1. Jack McCullough, Founder, The CFO Leadership Council
    Read This: Checkmate! Top Moves Every CFO Should Know
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james myers
  1. James Myers, Founder & CEO, FP&A Strategy Consulting
    Read This: Successful CFOs Empower FP&A Teams to Be More Strategic
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phil morris
  1. Phil Morris, Chief Financial Officer UK & Ireland, Atalian Servest
    Read This: How FDs Can Help Develop an Effective M&A Strategy
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 ben murray
  1. Ben Murray, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Cartegraph
    Read This: SaaS Accounting Tips for Founders
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  1. Elaine Paul, CFO, Hulu
    Read This: Hulu’s Elaine Paul on Advanced TV, the Changing Media Ecosystem and More
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  1. Kathleen Philips, CFO, Zillow
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jay roesch
  1. Jay Roesch, Director of Finance, The Walt Disney Company
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  1. Melissa Rosenthal Executive Vice President at Cheddar
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Vincent G Ryan
  1. Vincent Ryan, Editor in Chief, & CFO Magazine
    Read This: Late Shift: The 2017 Working Capital Scorecard
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dave stack
  1. David Stack, Financial Advisor,
    Read This: A CFO’s Perspective on Company Culture
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henri steenkamp
  1. Henri Steenkamp, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Compliance Officer, Treasurer & Secretary, Saratoga
    Read This: Missing Forecasts Is Better than Making Bad Decisions
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 jack sweeney
  1. Jack Sweeney, Managing Director, Middle Market Media, LLC
    Read This: Finance Leaders Can Expand Their Role to Crush the Future of Finance
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  1. John Taft, Vice Chairman, Baird
    Read This: The Next Generation Efficient Frontier: What Doing the Laundry Can Teach Us about Investing
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 rick telberg
  1. Rick Telberg, President & CEO, Trendlines Research & Bay Street Group LLC
    Read This: The End of the Staff Shortage in Tax, Accounting & Finance?
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jeff thompson
  1. Jeff Thomson, President & CEO, Institute of Management Accountants
    Read This: From Then ‘til Now: How Management Accounting Skills Have Changed
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david w turner
  1. David H.W. Turner, Chief Financial Officer and Montvale Office Managing Principal, KPMG LLP
    Read This: KPMG LLP’s CFO: The High Value of Knowledge, Culture and Talent
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  1. Jennifer Warawa, EVP- Partners, Accounts & Alliances at Sage
    Read This: ‘Must Have’ Resources for Scaling Tech Companies
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  1. Robin Washington, CFO, Gilead Sciences, Inc.
    This: Culture Shift Pictures & Stories: Robin Washington
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