An Unforgettable Summer Produces a Memorable Prophix Summer Release

This summer has been one for the record books. The past few months have introduced some dramatic changes and challenges to both our personal and professional lives. However, if there is one thing I have learned about working at Prophix, it’s that we are an energetic group of achievers who can accomplish great things. With that, I am happy to announce the timely arrival of the Prophix Summer 2020 Release!

Our Summer 2020 Release focuses on the continual refinement of the Prophix user experience, visual enhancements to our Dashboards and Templates, improved auditability in Journals Manager, Workflow updates in Notifications Hub, and improved ERP integration capabilities in Data Integration Services.

The most anticipated new capability in the Summer Release is the availability of Prophix Contributor.

Introducing Prophix Contributor

First, a bit about Microsoft Excel. Some love it for budgeting, while others hate it. But it is everywhere, and you simply cannot escape it. The problem lies in the complexity, the errors, manual consolidation, and the time associated with planning using Excel alone. What if there was a way to leverage the process automation and centralized data found in Corporate Performance Management (CPM) software, while still offering occasional budget contributors the flexibility of using Excel? Well, that time has come.

Prophix Contributor extends Prophix’s centralized planning and reporting functionality to users outside of finance, such as sales leaders, marketing executives, and operations management, who occasionally contribute to Prophix budgets and plans, or who simply prefer to use Microsoft Excel.

By leveraging Microsoft Excel, these users can seamlessly provide data inputs to Prophix-driven budgets and plans. Whether you use simple or complex spreadsheets, want to utilize pre-set formulas, popular Excel tools, or would like the freedom and convenience to work offline, Prophix Contributor provides you the flexibility to plan your way. Streamline data collection, report distribution, and improve collaboration and accuracy with Prophix Contributor.

By combining centralized data and the automation capabilities of Prophix with the ease and convenience of data collection in Excel, Prophix Contributor will further transform the way our customers budget, plan, and report.

Prophix Contributor is available as part of Prophix for Microsoft 365 (formerly Prophix for Office 365). Prophix for Microsoft 365 also includes Prophix Analyzer and Prophix for PowerPoint 365, providing excellent interoperability with Microsoft 365 programs, such as Excel and PowerPoint. Features include:

Prophix Analyzer

Are you a power user of Excel and like to build complex financial models? With Prophix Analyzer, you can securely view and manipulate live data from Prophix using Excel. Prophix Analyzer maintains a link back to your Prophix data so you can pull the latest budgets and forecasts for further analysis.

You can easily leverage existing Excel models and your favorite Excel tools for data entry, and then simply push any data changes you save back into your Prophix model. Prophix Analyzer gives you complete data control and flexibility by extending Prophix into Excel.

Prophix for PowerPoint 365

With today’s climate, almost all meetings are virtual. Enter the digital meeting room with confidence using Prophix for PowerPoint 365.

This capability in Prophix for Microsoft 365 allows you to embed valuable data from Prophix directly into your PowerPoint slides. With this functionality, you can create dynamic and interactive presentations that truly reframe the usual.

Instead of circling back to schedule a separate meeting after following-up on a revenue-related question, with Prophix for PowerPoint 365, you can navigate to the appropriate Template within PowerPoint to get an immediate answer. Have a quick question about an expense? Just drill across to get your invoice.

As questions come up in your meetings, you can quickly analyze, scrutinize, drill into, or drill across your data without ever having to leave PowerPoint. Save time, improve team meetings, and speed up the decision-making process with Prophix for PowerPoint 365.

Interesting fact: If Microsoft 365 sounds new, that’s because Microsoft announced the rebranding of Office 365 to Microsoft 365 earlier this year.

Other Release Features

On August 22, Prophix customers can enjoy these additional enhancements:

  • The ability to view new trendlines in Dashboard chart tiles and Template Studio for quicker insights on underlying patterns in your data
  • The flexibility to select different page members for chart tiles in Dashboards in a drop-down list to dynamically compare how distinct business segments are operating
  • Never miss a Workflow notification as they are now available to view in the Notifications Hub
  • Attach a file to a Journals Manager entry as supporting material for better auditability
  • Restore previously deleted Journal Entries with ease for improved record-keeping
  • Experience the improved look and feel of Data Integration Services, including the addition of the Sage Intacct agent for quicker integrations

We hope our customers are as excited about the Prophix Summer Release as we are. Our goal at Prophix is to reframe the usual – we want to transform the way our customers budget, plan, and report for a better today and a brighter future.


Wayne Slater

For more than 25 years, Wayne has been helping organizations solve their product and businesses growth challenges. Described as an innovative marketer and results-driven business development specialist.