Analyst’s Reviews of Prophix – an Update

Analyst’s Reviews of Prophix – an Update

Industry analysts continue to be an important point of reference for prospective buyers of Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solutions. In the spring of each year, several key analysts complete their market reviews, which typically includes an assessment of the various vendors in the space. For example, over the past few months, CPM-related market reports have been published by Dresner, BPM and BARC, each of which have included a summary of Prophix. The following is an overview of that information:


  • While not the largest industry analyst, Dresner is very well regarded for its depth of analysis and the comprehensiveness of their reports.
  • Prophix has been ranked in the “Overall Leader” quadrant of Dresner’s market analysis for four years running.

    With scores consistently above the overall sample, Prophix is an Overall Leader in both Customer Experience and Vendor Credibility models. In 2018, it shows key improvements across most categories of measurement including sales, product, technical support, and consulting. It maintains a perfect recommend score.

  • Additionally, Prophix is the only vendor to have been in the top quadrant every year for both models (8 out of 8)! Prophix has also been recognized with the “Dresner Industry Excellence” award for 2018.


  • BARC, a German-based industry analyst, is less known in North America. However, BARC is seen as a leading authority on the software industry, focusing primarily on the European market. Their analysis draws from their strong background in BI and consequently, tends to look at the market from that perspective.
  • BARC claims that their report, The Planning Survey 18, is the world’s largest survey of planning software users. Prophix earned top marks in several key categories including; “Business Value,” “Customer Satisfaction” and “User Experience” across their two peer groups – “Flexible Planning Platforms” and “BI-Focused Products.”

    Projects with Prophix are usually quite quick, and many customers are satisfied with the speed of their implementations. The Planning Survey results prove that Prophix creates real business value for customers.


  • BPM Partners are known as a niche industry analyst with a focus on CPM (or Business Performance Management as they refer to it). So, it’s significant that they have consistently included Prophix as a leader in their list of top-10 CPM vendors.
  • Their review and rankings of vendors includes a certification of what BPM calls “Next Generation Ready.” This certification is specifically for vendors that support organizational growth, both now and in the future. This accolade also recognizes Prophix’s CPM software as comprehensive, connected, collaborative, and cloud-based.
  • Prophix was also recognized as a “Cloud Leader” in this year’s summary of the 2018 BPM report

    Prophix is now a true cloud solution leader. They offer a fully featured, very capable solution that is particularly strong in the mid-market

Further information on each of these reports can be found on our website and/or by contacting a Prophix representative.

Mike Tindal

As the SVP of Corporate & Market Development at Prophix, Michael Tindal is responsible for the overall marketing function within the company. Michael drives long-term strategy by gathering market intelligence and by seeking out and developing relationships with other relevant technology providers. Based on 35+ years in the technology industry, he brings extensive management, marketing, sales, and business development experience to his role at Prophix. His past positions have included global management roles with worldwide leaders in the software industry, such as OpenText and SAS, along with sales management positions at SUN Microsystems and Digital Equipment. Michael’s background has involved a variety of national and international responsibilities across all aspects of the marketing continuum, from product marketing to corporate communications, field marketing, and enablement. In each of these roles, he has focused on introducing, measuring, and successfully achieving quantifiable metrics that have a direct impact on the success of the company.