Check Out Superior Construction’s Covid-19 Dashboard

With the current day pandemic, it’s been interesting to see how customers have put on their creative hats to think outside the box. Superior Construction is one of those customers! Brittany Hess, the Senior Financial Analyst at Superior, has set up a dashboard specifically for Covid-19’s impact on their employee base. We spoke with Brittany to find out more about her department’s innovations. (Note: the dashboard information below is simply placeholder data and does not reflect the company’s actual results).

What’s the main purpose of this dashboard?

The purpose of this dashboard is to get a comprehensive look at how Covid-19 is affecting our employees’ ability to work their normal hours. It also assists us in stopping the virus spreading on our job sites, should someone test positive. We have come up with a coding system to show if an employee went home sick with one of the known symptoms of the virus, if they are being tested for the virus, what the results of that test were, and how many days of work they are missing. All this information is reported at the employee, job site and division level, so we can see the full impact.

Who is updating and viewing the dashboard?

The safety professionals at each job site are sending in a spreadsheet I built that codes any employee and their location daily. We are not pulling in employees that are unaffected, only the ones that meet the coding criteria. The safety professionals are using their expertise and relationship with the field to get us more accurate information than if I was asking it myself. They send in a spreadsheet by 10 a.m. every day and the Finance Department uploads the files through Process Manager. We can usually have the dashboard up and ready to go by 11 a.m.

Why did you choose to track this in Prophix?

Most of the Prophix users at Superior are only looking at their budget vs. actual reporting, even though there is a lot more information available to them. This is information they have specifically requested to see, so we figured if we put it in Prophix it would encourage them to further explore and ask for more in Prophix! So far this seems to be working – they are seeing the charts and asking if we can provide something similar to report on for their costs and KPIs.

What’s the feedback been towards this dashboard so far?

This dashboard has been a big win for the Finance Department. It has finally been the thing that has won over the Executive Team. I expect to start getting a lot of requests in the next few weeks about things they would like to see in Prophix. I’m using this time to ramp up building out things in Prophix to keep them interested!

Brittany Hess
Senior Financial Analyst, Superior Construction

The one point of contact for any overhead department’s budget and actual costs and produce reporting on these costs monthly, quarterly and annually. She also produces each business unit’s monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements including the Work In Progress reports. Aside from day-to-day responsibilities, She is also implementing Prophix, a CPM software, that Superior will use for financial reporting, deep dive analysis and budgeting/forecasting.


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