Clarifying the Cloud

Understanding how Cloud compares to on-premise

It goes without saying that the Cloud is having a significant impact on the world of software, something that we see within our area of Corporate Performance Management. In their 2016 CFO survey, Gartner Research reported high levels of cloud adoption across the majority of both financial and strategic CFO processes and also forecast that this momentum will continue through 2017. However, they also point out that vendor’s Cloud offerings vary across several key aspects including architecture, security and implementation approaches. This makes it all the more important for Finance leaders looking to use such solutions to have a good understanding of how Cloud compares to on-premise, and which features of Cloud are most important to prioritize for a particular situation or set of needs.

This is the theme behind the latest whitepaper written by Prophix’ CEO, Paul Barber. Titled – Clarifying the Cloud – Paul provides a summary definition that helps to establish what the Cloud is, as well as to clarify the various, often confusing acronyms used within this space. The paper then goes on to outline key considerations when evaluating a cloud solution, such as Pay-as-you-go, cost, and technology.

Finally, Paul outlines some of the pros and cons of both cloud apps and on-premise solutions and also discusses some of the misconceptions that exist in the marketplace today. The result is a paper that provides an excellent overall perspective of Cloud while also providing very actionable advice for those Finance leaders wrestling with if, how and what software approach to deploying.

Mike Tindal

As Vice President, Marketing, Michael Tindal leads a team that sparks customer engagement as well as ensures customers’ insights are regularly captured.

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