Buying a CPM system is awesome

The CPM Field of Dreams

Build it, and they will come”…That worked in a movie once.

Buying a CPM system is awesome. Spending time building super cool looking reports and budget templates is helpful.  None of this will drive your stakeholders to use the fancy new CPM software.

Let’s redefine the goal: How do we add value to the budgeting and reporting processes in place today.

Value is defined in broad terms- giving back time to stakeholders, improving the decision-making the usefulness of available data;  automating the rote processes inherent in the processes; increasing the ability to use statistically relevant variables to forecast the future – and plenty more.

Even if we build all these value-add items will my team use the CPM software?

The reality is maybe.

What’s in it for me will drive adoption. Will the CPM system easily allow business users to create an analysis that will influence decisions?  Is the data accurate as presented? Can changes be made efficiently to support both? Is there a strong champion to be the SME and experiment with data and the CPM software to build out reports stakeholders can understand easily and incorporate into their business life?

YES to all of the above will support organizational change and adoption of data-driven decision making.

What’s Next? Your Field of Dreams!

Rob Shillinger

Rob Shillinger is responsible for ensuring all customers are completely satisfied with the delivery of Prophix Professional Services including project implementation methodology, philosophy and change management. He also ensures our dynamic and effervescent team of consultants is supported by efficient project management processes and a culture to creatively apply of our best practices. His core principle is : satisfied clients + a well supported team = success and will help us become the world leader in CPM solutions.