DevOps at Prophix: A Phixer’s Perspective

Soni Sudhakara, a DevOps Engineer for Prophix, shares what it’s like to see the immediate impact of her work.

What are some of the challenges and rewards of a DevOps role at Prophix?

Prior to joining Prophix, I worked as a Developer and Release Manager. When I started in 2019, I was excited to be part of a scaling organization that was hyper-focused on introducing automation and building new tools.

I enjoy the challenge of building automation, systems, and tools that save time for Developers, Analysts, and Product Managers. It’s rewarding knowing that I’m helping to empower our functional groups with self-serve options for all stages of the release cycle.

As DevOps, the infrastructure we create powers the speed at which our Development and Product teams can build and release solutions to meet the changing needs of our global customers.

How does Prophix support your professional development and learning?

As part of DevOps, our role is to create automation and tools that simplify the process and work of the Developers. This gives us the chance to learn new technologies and solve complex problems before they happen. There’s an exciting research and development aspect to this work, digging in to figure out the best approach, as well as more formal learning through Amazon Web Services (AWS) certifications.

One of the rewarding aspects of working for a well-established and growing company is we’re given funding to participate in courses and time-off to study for certifications, and we have access to a sandbox environment where we can practice the skills we’re learning and try out new approaches.

Why should someone in DevOps consider a career at Prophix?

We’re a global company working collaboratively across time zones and locations. We have flexible hours and work in a trusting environment where we can rely on each other. It’s a focused but adaptive atmosphere here, where we have the chance to apply what we are learning and learn from each other.

We also have formal career planning meetings to establish our short-term goals, as well as where we see ourselves in one to five years. Managers help you map out the best way to fulfill those goals, either on your current team or a different one at Prophix. People join companies because of the leaders and the chance to make an impact. Our managers are just one part of the amazing culture of collaboration and support we have at Prophix.

If you are looking for a work environment that takes an exciting approach to solving complex problems, you can see our open roles here or follow us on LinkedIn for company updates.


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