Forest Grove Technology Conference 2015

Earlier this month, Forest Grove Technology hosted its annual customer conference with its partners, Prophix, in Melbourne, Australia.

For over a decade, Forest Grove Technology has been the sole distribution partner of Prophix’s automation software across Australia and New Zealand. And, because of this long and successful partnership, Prophix’s CEO (Paul Barber) and Chief Technology Officer (Bob Walker) were honored to deliver keynote presentations to conference attendees all of whom were eager to see how Prophix’s industry-leading software will evolve in 2016 and beyond.

As Prophix’s CEO, Paul Barber focused on the topic of Integrated Financial Planning – discussing how users of Prophix’s software can dramatically enhance their analyses and improve the quality of firm-wide decisions by integrating operational and strategic planning data and processes.

Meanwhile, Bob Walker, Prophix’s CTO, shared a glimpse into the next evolution of Prophix’s automation software by revealing an updated, user-friendly interface and additional options for accessing the software.

Another highlight of the conference was the lively discussion held during the Aged, Community and Disability breakfast seminar. The insights shared during the session reinforced why Prophix’s software has been well accepted in Australia’s not-for-profit and aged care sector. The next evolution of Prophix’s software will continue to help organizations, specialized facilities, and communities throughout this sector make better business decisions.

Prophix Non Profit Industry

We are extremely enthusiastic about our partnership with Prophix. This year’s conference once again proved that Prophix values working with us. At the same time, Prophix continues to evolve their software to meet the growing demands of ambitious companies looking to improve business processes, streamline business planning, and generate reports as the basis for timely business decisions.

Craig Cullum

Craig Cullum is the Sales Director for Forest Grove Technology and has been working with Corporate Performance Management and Business Intelligence technology for over eight years. He has extensive implementation experience across a wide range of industries throughout Australia and New Zealand. Craig is a certified Prophix consultant with experience in deployment, model development, training, and technical services.