How to Create the Finance Presentation of Your Wildest Dreams

How to Create the Finance Presentation of Your Wildest Dreams

Did you know that finance leaders spend up to 24% of their working hours in meetings?

Let’s face it, meetings are a large part of what it means to work in finance. Your job is to summarize, present, and answer questions about company data. In any given day, you’re likely attending company meetings, annual budget meetings, and even ad hoc department meetings.

Preparing for these meetings can also be very time-consuming. On average, people spend up to 4 hours preparing for meetings each week. If you’re a manager or c-level executive, this number could be even higher.

Want to know how to better prepare for your finance meetings? Check out our video on Performance Reporting.

Thinking on Your Feet

While preparing for and attending meetings can be stressful, it doesn’t account for what happens while you’re in the meeting.

Inevitably, questions arise, and you have to think on your feet. You need to know your data inside and out to be able to provide a quick and intelligent answer. In some meetings, you may be able to provide an answer – without much research.

But for more important occasions (think board meetings), you might not feel comfortable answering questions on the fly – especially if you can’t verify the answer against your data.

So, what happens to unanswered questions in finance meetings?

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Finding Answers

Tasked with finding an answer to a question asked by a key stakeholder, you return to your desk to crunch the numbers, schedule a follow-up meeting, and send out another lengthy email chain.

With access to your data, you’re easily able to answer questions such as:

  • What would the budget look like if we increased our headcount by 5%?
  • How would increasing our profit margin by 3% in our North American market affect our budget?

With Prophix in your back pocket, the answers to these questions come easily.

You’re able to call up relevant reports, run simulations, and crunch numbers to see how changes would affect your bottom line.

But the problem remains – you can’t answer these questions when you’re in the meeting.

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The Power of Performance Reporting

With the power of Performance Reporting and Prophix, you can confidently answer any question that comes your way.

When you’re building your finance presentation, simply drop a Prophix object into your slide and adjust its size accordingly.

When you’re ready to present, log into your Prophix session and you’ll have access to all your data and reports – directly from your PowerPoint presentation.

You’ll be able to show your stakeholders your finance dashboards, dive into the details behind your summaries, and even perform ad-hoc analysis on the spot.

Find out how Performance Reporting can take your finance presentation from static to dynamic.

It’s easy to make your PowerPoint presentations a gateway to your finance data.

As questions arise in meetings, you can impress your colleagues by accessing Prophix from your slides and dive right into your data.

The Best of Both Worlds

By integrating Prophix with PowerPoint, you have complete access to both platforms – all without leaving your presentation. Build your slide deck to suit your needs and access your Prophix data and features when and where you need them.

Here are a few key takeaways:

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