Improved Line-Item Synchronization and Expanded Excel Capabilities: Prophix 2022.3.0 Release

You asked – we listened! Many of the new capabilities in this release were suggested by our incredible customers. We greatly value feedback from our users, as they benefit the most from our improvements. 

Here’s more on the exciting updates in our 2022.3.0 release. 

Prophix for Microsoft 365 

As we all know, Excel is entrenched in the daily routines of the Office of Finance. However, disconnected spreadsheets and manual processes do not lend themselves well to accurate budgeting, planning, and reporting. 

Prophix for Microsoft 365 seamlessly integrates with Office 365, enabling users to model Prophix data in Excel. Now, you have the freedom to work in your preferred interface without sacrificing accuracy, structure, security, or automation. 

In 2022, we’ve worked hard to continually improve Prophix Analyzer and our Excel add-in to give users more flexibility in their data modeling.  

Let’s look at the enhancements to Prophix Analyzer in the latest release. 

Prophix Analyzer Enhancements 

Prophix Analyzer, as part of Prophix for Microsoft 365, allows your Prophix data to become the primary source for all your Excel modeling and analysis. Prophix Analyzer lets you view and manipulate live Prophix data using Excel securely; and also maintains a link back to your Prophix data so you can pull the latest planning data for further analysis. 

The latest enhancements to Analyzer also expand your ability to integrate Prophix data with Excel. With Prophix Functions, it’s easy to push values from Excel-generated functions back into your Prophix models. 

Avoid manually defining worksheet drivers by retrieving Prophix named sets, ensuring your Excel worksheets are always in sync with your corporate financial data. 

Import and Export Line-Item Details 

With this release, you have more flexibility in populating a sub-ledger and the supportive details behind your general ledger.  

Any line-item details behind a planned general ledger account can now be easily imported and exported, giving you more options to populate your plans and budgets.  

Support cross-company collaboration with detailed budget justifications – expediting your approval process and further streamlining your budget cycle. 

Giving our customers a voice in our product enhancements ensures we deliver the best user experience possible. As we continue to develop features for our next release, the needs of our users are always top of mind.  


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