What is ERP software?

Integrating a CPM Solution into your ERP System

What is ERP software?

Enterprise Resource Planning, is a type of business management software that allows an organization to utilize an integrated system to automate critical business functions. The purpose of ERP solution is to facilitate the flow of information from all business functions. ERP software acts as a repository for data such as general ledger, cash flow and equity statements.

What is CPM software?

Corporate Performance Management software is a type of software that empowers organizations with budgeting, planning, forecasting, reporting, consolidations and personnel planning capabilities. CPM software facilitates the automation and scheduling of administrative functions, from importing actual data to distributing Excel templates for end user contribution to distributing financial reports via email or Microsoft SharePoint.

How do ERP and CPM solutions fit together?

CPM software takes the raw and transactional data that an ERP system holds, and turns it into meaningful information. ERP software provides the capability to view the past and present status of an organizations financial situation, however does not provide the capacity to analyze that data, creating a forward looking view. Alternatively, a CPM solution provides just that capability. Offering an organization the ability to analyze data, CPM software enables effective planning, and in turn both tangible and intangible ROI.

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