Making the World Better: $100K and a Summary of a Bitter-Sweet Year


Embracing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) throughout our offices around the globe.

When I look back on this very rewarding and yet bitter sweet year, I can say that I am proud to work at Prophix. That’s because Prophix believes that every person and every organization has the duty (and ability) to make the world better. In turn, the company has enthusiastically embraced and fostered Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) throughout its offices around the globe.

The fact that Prophix has installed a structure to evaluate, fund, and promote CSR initiatives is proof of its commitment. But, the company has taken one further step – a step that few other companies do. Specifically, Prophix has connected its corporate earnings results directly to its CSR budgets. As a result, as much as $30,000 per quarter is allocated to causes that make the world better.

Here are a few highlights of Prophix’s CSR activities in 2015:

In the first quarter, Prophix adopted a village with Free the Children, a project in Irkaat Kenya that funds building infrastructure in communities that need access to clean water.
In the second quarter, Prophix chose to fund a project through the Child Haven International charity. This organization has provided shelter, education, and food to more than 270 destitute children in India.

In contrast to championing these uplifting initiatives, everyone at Prophix felt real sadness this year too. The loss of a dear 39 year old colleague hit home. Employees and management from around the globe came together to raise more than $45 thousand so that his four children could afford post-secondary education. It was truly gratifying to see that the compassion that underlies the drive to make the world better has permeated the organization.

In addition to all of these worthwhile activities, Prophix also supported initiatives that improve the lives of those who suffer from homelessness, women hurt by violence, and children afflicted with cancer and poverty in local communities.

When taken together, Prophix contributed more than $100K to charitable initiatives in 2015 alone. That proves that the company does more than care, it acts on its values.

Given its growth ambition and performance, 2016 will see Prophix continue to make a positive difference by encouraging participation from its various networks and communities.

Join Prophix and spread the word by using social media (e.g. Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) to let the world know that you believe that every person and organization can and should make the world better.

Phil Gravel

Aside from having a strong working knowledge of financial operational processes, requirements and applications, I am a team player with excellent analytical and communication skills. I have strong leadership and interpersonal skills and have the ability to communicate comfortably and effectively in both French and English at all levels of an organization.