Manufacturing success

Think big. Start small. Achieve greatness

Denise Feece

When Coleman Cable, a $500 million dollar manufacturer of electronic wire and cable products, decided to adopt a technology solution to improve their financial planning, could they have dreamt of what it would lead to? Denise Feece, one of the company’s senior finance leaders, was simply looking to tackle something that all finance professionals want to do: to reduce the time and frustration involved in building and managing the company’s financial reporting.

She was determined to break the company’s reliance on multiple spreadsheets – each prone to having missing information, broken links, or incorrect formulas – being sent back-and-forth in multiple emails to busy managers who lacked the time or understanding of the company’s plans to act upon the reports that she and her finance team worked so tirelessly to produce.

 Does that sound familiar to you?

If it does, you will be pleased to know that this story does have a happy ending. Coleman Cable did indeed improve the efficiency of their finance processes. But they achieved so much more.

By focusing on one key area and demonstrating the value of having timely, accurate, and actionable information, Denise and her finance team whetted an insatiable appetite across the company to improve how they collect, analyze, and act upon data. As a result, Coleman Cable began chipping away at integrating the operational and financial information that the company needed to produce finance-driven decisions that would see them grow. As a result, information about sales, production, personnel, and inventory – along with other mission-critical data – that had historically been locked in departmental silos became integrated into finance reports faster and with greater accuracy.

Denise shares key lessons in a fast-paced 30 minute pre-recorded webinar entitled, How to improve your manufacturing business’ performance by automating financial processes.

If you have ever wanted to enhance your company’s ability to improve your finance processes or generate integrated finance reports but felt the task was too daunting, Denise’s story will inspire you. She started with one small goal. Then, the business benefits quickly spread across the functions like wildfire, allowing the company to achieve a level of greatness that was originally unimaginable.

For a detailed telling of the Coleman Cable story, listen to Denise in the pre-recorded webinar, where she identifies how finance professionals – throughout the manufacturing sector – can improve finance department processes and use data to make measurably better and faster decisions.


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