Prophix employees who went to Nicaragua

My Nicaragua Experience

One of our Prophix employees who went to Nicaragua to support Students Offering Support offers her first-hand account of this life changing experience.

My Nicaragua Experience

Ten days in a poor remote village in Nicaragua was an amazing experience. Before I left home, I thought “I’ve been camping before, I can do this.” But the actual experience was quite a bit different than what I expected.

I never expected to not have protein even once in an entire day. At first, I felt angry. But then as I met the people & got the amazing opportunity to meet their unique personalities.

Beautiful SmileSome had beautiful smiles. Some were shy. Some were quick to learn. I saw the simple wood boards that made up their home. I saw them eating the same plain rice I had. Suddenly I felt terrible. Who was I to complain that I had to go a day without all the luxuries I took for granted at home. How could I not live like this for just ten days when these people live like this for a lifetime.

As the trip neared an end, I tried to reduce my portions because I had learned that the organizers gave any leftover food to the locals in the village. Some of them would have nothing to eat if not for these donations. I could easily go a little hungry for 1 or 2 days knowing that when we got back into the city, I would have the privilege of being able to buy any type or quantity of food I wanted.

Now I’m back home I have an entirely new appreciation of the daily meals I previously had taken for granted. I am grateful for the healthy variety I can easily purchase from conveniently located supermarkets. I enjoy an abundance of vitamins & minerals that keep me healthy. So now when I nourish my body, I nourish my mind & think of those who are not able to do the same.

Phil Gravel

Aside from having a strong working knowledge of financial operational processes, requirements and applications, I am a team player with excellent analytical and communication skills. I have strong leadership and interpersonal skills and have the ability to communicate comfortably and effectively in both French and English at all levels of an organization.