My thoughts on Microsoft Build Conference 2014

 Microsoft Build conference building I didn’t know what to expect at this year’s Microsoft Build conference, a developer-focused event and the first major event that the tech giant has hosted since the departure of Steve Ballmer as CEO. When it was over, I did not leave disappointed, and neither did the 5,000+ attendees.

New Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella wasted no time outlining his vision of the “new” Microsoft, one that puts the focus back on developers and the software development partner community, and invests in new technologies such as mobile and cloud. His more subdued keynote and humility definitely seemed to resonate with developers at the conference.

Inside the Microsoft Build conferenceMicrosoft is listening to its developer community and making it easier to write applications that work across multiple devices such as desktops, smartphones, tablets, and even the Xbox One. The recently announced Microsoft Office for iPad, iPhones, and Android offers new opportunities for CPM applications like Prophix.

The company is striving to encourage cross-platform development, including support for open source development technologies. A year ago, I would have never imagined demonstrations of iPhone and open source applications at a Microsoft event—let alone during the keynotes! This is change that developers will notice, and one that ultimately benefits Microsoft.

Microsoft’s new direction is great news for Prophix, a Microsoft software development partner for over ten years. The Prophix CPM solution already innovates with proven Microsoft platform technologies: SQL Server, Analysis Services, Azure, SharePoint, and Office.

The renewed focus by Microsoft on making it easier for developers to harness these technologies, as well as new ones based on cloud and cross-platform devices will help Prophix deliver more valuable solutions to our customers at an even faster pace.

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Geoff Ng

As Vice-President of Product Planning, Geoffrey is responsible for managing the long-term product and technology strategy at Prophix. Geoffrey began his tenure at Prophix as a management consultant leading the implementation of financial analytics systems at over 70 organizations throughout North America.