Prophix Performance Reporting Tools: Collaboration on a Whole New Level

Performance Reporting Tools: Collaboration on a Whole New Level

The other night, I came home to find a note stuck to my front door that simply read “72.00”. Being the inquisitive guy that I am, I took the note and put it in my pocket for further inquiry. I asked each of my three children if they had any idea what it was and received an appropriate set of three blank stares. When my wife came home later, I asked her: “Why would someone leave a note with ‘72’ written on it on our front door?” Another blank stare.

When companies plan, contributors often provide numbers with no real explanation of why or how they were derived. Performance reporting can help to answer these questions. Crafting a narrative around line items should smooth the approval process and speed up the amount of time it takes to produce a plan. Performance reporting can give your employees a better understanding of the needs of your business and give your senior managers insight into the requirements of your employees.

A new feature in Prophix gives contributors the ability to add narrative to data entry templates that are associated with a row or line of data. This narrative is then “tied” to the data so that it appears in any reporting application where that particular data is present. Our software also allows you to:

  1. Include additional details, both alpha and numeric, that can be summarized into an individual line in an input template. This allows contributors to break down lines, such as travel expenses into different trips that are planned over the year.
  2. Deliver narrative commentary as part of the approval and rejection workflow process within the software. This will allow an open dialog between contributors and approvers, smoothing the approval process.
  3. Add narrative at the individual data or cell level to explain an anomaly that may exist.

Prophix allows users to include additional details with their data to enhance reports and smooth the data approval process. You just need to decide which method(s) you want to leverage.

Are you wondering about the “72”? Turns out it was the number of hours that our babysitter had worked the previous two weeks.

Ron Massicotte

Ron brings over 15 years of CPM experience to the table in his new role at Prophix.  On top of the Prophix Academy and Technical Alliance responsibilities, Ron manages all product-related aspects of marketing campaigns and the relationships with the various industry analysts that monitor and report on the CPM space.