Product highlights from the release of Prophix 11 SP2

Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Word integration

In addition to saving reports in the .PDF or .XLSX file types, users can now save reports to the Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Word formats. They can do this for individual formatted reports or groups of formatted reports either on-demand or scheduled. The new feature will save you time when you need to get your formatted reports out of Prophix and into other Microsoft programs.

New Prophix Activity Flow ChartVisual Workflow activity progress

Prophix 11 introduced a revamped Workflow engine that helps you scale and manage large workflow processes. We already have an option for tracking the progress of your workflow through a timeline chart with dependencies. Prophix 11 SP2 introduces another visual diagram to easily visualize your business process along with the current status of your project.


Report Binder enhancements

At Prophix, we take great pride in our ability to listen and execute on our users’ requests for enhancement. In this case, we have delivered important updates to our Report Binder functionality, including:

  • Customizing email notifications
  • Outputting Report Binders to Microsoft Excel
  • Creating distribution lists using security groups

Don’t forget that these changes come in addition to all of the upgraded functionality introduced in the main Prophix 11 release: Template Studio, an overhaul of Workflow, and Prophix Mobile. We love to hear your comments and enhancement requests so keep them coming by using our feedback forum!

For more information, you can review the new features and other enhancements to Prophix 11 here.

Jacob Joseph

Experienced Product Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Strong product management professional skilled in Business Process, Budgeting, Enterprise Software, Software Implementation, and Agile Methodologies.