Prophix 11 SP4 is here

We recently announced the availability of Prophix 11 SP4, our first update of 2015. This release marks the continuing evolution of Prophix 11 bringing new innovation including data discovery capabilities, enhanced security features and communication.

Prophix sp4Enriched data discovery

The highly visual reports that you use when communicating to stakeholders are even more interactive with new Template Actions. Dynamically navigate from one report to another. For example, users will be able to click on a summary chart in one template and have another template automatically opened to uncover additional detail.

Enhanced folder security, communication and more

Document Explorer now has greater Folder security to be more consistent with Windows file security.
Communication to the team is boosted with new capabilities to add an attachment file to an announcement. Furthermore, provide start and end dates in order to display the announcement for a desired time period.

Another enhancement is within the Favorites Manager. Along with flagging key reports, templates and other Prophix assets as Favorites for quick access by a large user base, you now can do the same and earmark entire Folders.

For a full list of changes and enhancements, review the product release notes available from the customer support portal.

We listened carefully to the feedback from our strong global user and partner community. I would like to thank everyone who participated and provided feedback during this process—we couldn’t have done it without you. I encourage all Prophix users to continue sharing your thoughts with the product team at

2015 is off to great start and I look forward to sharing more news with you in the coming months and at our upcoming Prophix User Conference in June taking place in Newport Beach.

Nadia Kotecha

Product Manager, Product planning at Prophix Software