Prophix CEO at the 2014 User Conference in Washington DC

I’ve just returned from the tenth Prophix User Conference in Washington DC.  It was our best ever, with over 220 delegates from companies in many different industries.

The very fact that this is our tenth User Conference is meaningful.  It indicates that we are a mature company and we know how to deliver value to our customers. Lots of the people I talked to had attended before and they keep coming back because they derive value from these events.  Our User Conferences are designed to give our customers what they have requested:

  1. Minimal news about Prophix the company.
  2. Useful news about Prophix the software.
  3. An opportunity to network with other Prophix users and discuss their experiences.
  4. Learning through workshops and formal training how to derive the best value from Prophix.

This year, two things really struck me:

  1. The many diverse ways in which companies in different industries apply Prophix to an enormous range of business planning and reporting applications.  Our Detailed Planning component has become a platform for application development.
  2. That many of our customers, who are mainly finance professionals, implement these applications themselves with minimal help, except for training.  Our software is easy to use for educated and knowledgeable finance professionals.

This shows that Prophix is truly successful in delivering value to our customers.  This is our mandate and we are succeeding.

Paul Barber

Paul has worked in the software industry for over thirty years in such areas as Decision Support Systems, Executive Information Systems, Business Intelligence, and Corporate Performance Management.