Prophix employees plant trees for earth day

On Saturday, April 26th, Prophix joined the Credit Valley Conservation group (CVC) at their annual Partners in Project Green Earth Day Tree Planting event. This coincided with Earth Day observance earlier that week.

Our company fielded a great group of employees who, along with family members, planted a whopping 76 saplings throughout the afternoon!

Prophix Tree Planting
Prophix employees from Left to Right: Lisa, Teri, Nick, Suolon, Chris, Alex

Here are some comments from the group:

Theresa: This was my first time planting trees and I loved it! I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to do it with my 3 boys, but they had a great time despite the weather. I think that it was a fantastic experience for them volunteering, working as a team, and helping the environment. It was nice to work with colleagues outside of the office. I will definitely do it next year!

Erin: It’s harder than it looks! But it felt great giving back to our community and the environment. This was my first time planting, and I will definitely be back next year and for many more to come.

Teri: We had a great time. It was our first time planting trees. We really enjoyed it. It felt good working together, knowing you are giving back to the community and making a difference. I will definitely plan to go again.

Suolon: We made this into a family event and we had lots of fun, especially my 3-and-a-half year old daughter!

Nick: I enjoyed the experience and felt as though I paid back a tiny percentage of what I owed to the earth for all the pages I’ve printed

Alex: Luke, my 6 year old, and I had a great time! We’ll have to come back to the site in 10 years and see how Billy the tree is doing.

Lisa: Growing up, tree planting was an annual event I always participated in to celebrate Earth Day. Rain or shine I would head out and plant – I looked forward to it every year. Somewhere in time I got ‘too busy’ and gave up the tradition. It was with much excitement that not only did I get to return to my annual tradition, I now got to introduce it to my two sons. Jackson and Henry had an amazing time! Jackson even made me take a video of him digging a hole so he could show his daddy. They were both very proud (and me too) that they planted 7 trees. They told everyone they saw that weekend what they accomplished. It will definitely be something we continue to do for years to come.

Chris: This was the first time I’ve planted trees with the organization and it was neat seeing the different varieties planted. CVC had a lot of supplies, tools and great instruction and supervision. I’d gladly sign up to do it again next year!

Phil Gravel

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