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Prophix Explainer: Visual Analytics

Companies have continually struggled to make information available to decision makers in a timely fashion.

In general, we are constantly reminded of the proliferation and the importance of data. But business people need more than just data; they need to convert data into meaningful metrics. They need to analyze data to produce useful information.

There is no end to the ways you can analyze your business. But this does not mean that all analytics products are complicated and expensive. In fact, you can give users valuable insight into company performance and decision making with nontechnical products like Prophix.

Prophix Visual Analytics offers not only ease of use for both finance staff and end users but also access to accurate, secure and reliable data.

To learn more about Visual Analytics see below.

Mike Tindal

As Vice President, Marketing, Michael Tindal leads a team that sparks customer engagement as well as ensures customers’ insights are regularly captured.

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