Prophix Fall 2020 Product Release Offers Enhanced 365 Capabilities

While the other day while I was working on a new demo video for Prophix, I was struck by the fact that our product has evolved quite a bit over the past few years. My reference point was a terrific video done three years earlier that I was using as inspiration for a new piece.

The first thing that struck me was how visually pleasing and modern Prophix looks today when compared to that video. Secondly, how much faster and more intuitive it is to navigate our platform. Not only is it easy to integrate Prophix with other business solutions (i.e. ERPs), but we now also seamlessly integrate with popular applications like Microsoft® Excel® and PowerPoint®. As a result, Prophix is far more accessible and easier to use for those inside and outside the finance department. Why is this so important?

When companies are considering Corporate Performance Management solutions, they are forced to choose between two different approaches to solve their budgeting and planning challenges. Some vendors provide all-in-one solutions designed to reduce your dependence on Excel, while others are solely an extension of spreadsheets. But what if you didn’t have to compromise? What if you had a solution that offered the best of both approaches?

Microsoft 365® Bundle

In the past couple of Prophix releases (Summer and Fall 2020 releases), we introduced a new bundle called Prophix for Microsoft® 365. This bundle integrates the budgeting, planning, and reporting powers of Prophix with the flexibility of Microsoft Excel and the visual impact of PowerPoint. This gives users a new level of flexibility and efficiency when planning. Benefits include:

  • Finance users can still enjoy the rich experience and automation of the Prophix Web Client
  • Non-finance budget contributors such as sales, marketing, and operations can now be easily included in Prophix workflows and have the option to contribute using Excel
  • Excel power users can now use Prophix data for complex modeling and save their models in Prophix
  • Enhance PowerPoint presentations by embedding live Prophix data and rich visuals into slides while also giving users the ability to drill into results right from PowerPoint to expedite decision-making in real-time

prophix for microsoft365

These enhancements give finance leaders and non-finance users the best of both CPM approaches, allowing you the freedom to choose the right solution for the right job.

Fall Release 2020

So, what’s new in our latest release? Well, the most anticipated new capabilities in the Fall Release are enhancements to Prophix Analyzer. The improvements include:

  • Edit Layout
  • Select Page Member Format
  • Delete Layout
    • Allows you to make changes to your Prophix data views while in Excel, without needing to go back into Prophix. This makes Excel modeling in Prophix more flexible and saves you time. (To learn more, click the link at the end of this blog)

Screenshot: Prophix Analyzer – Edit Layout

Additional enhancements in the Fall Release include:

  • Remember how I mentioned that Prophix’s interface has evolved so much in recent years? Well, the improvements just keep on coming. In Dashboards, you can now group several charts or badge tiles to simultaneously change the page dimension member selection in those tiles, allowing you to easily compare how distinct business segments are operating. A massive time saver!
  • Our international customers will benefit from additional language support in Notifications Hub, Workflow notifications, and emails, allowing users to send messages in a chosen language set in Prophix.
  • Our file management solution, Document Explorer, supports new file types, including web links that allow you to create a shortcut to a URL for quicker navigation to important webpages, partner sites, and more.

A big shout out to our Development Team for the timely delivery of another great release in a difficult year! This amazing feat is only possible with the hard work and dedication of the Prophix team.

I hope you are as excited about the Prophix Fall 2020 Release as we are! Get the convenience and flexibility you need when it comes to planning, modeling, and presenting with Prophix for Microsoft 365.

Wayne Slater

For more than 25 years, Wayne has been helping organizations solve their product and businesses growth challenges. Described as an innovative marketer and results-driven business development specialist.