Prophix’s Employees Drive to Make Meaningful Change

Prophix Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program

For a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program to truly succeed and to make an impact two factors need to exist:

  1. It should be ‘grass roots’ in that employees need to lead the effort and champion causes they believe in.
  2. The program requires executive buy-in and support.

The CSR journey at Prophix officially began three years ago. While we had always made commitments to give back to our community, there was not a structured approach until an executive challenge was presented to our employees to try and use our success to change the world in a positive way.

I’m very proud to report that since the journey began, we have made some huge achievements together. In 2015, Prophix adopted a village with WE, a project in Irkaat Kenya to help break the cycle of poverty. The project was successful in breaking ground on a new classroom in the community which will provide students the opportunity to study longer as well as improve their academic performance.

We also selected a new project with an organization called Students Offering Support (SOS). With the support of Prophix employees, we donated enough to help build two classrooms for high school students with disabilities in the community of Pueblo Viejo, Nicaragua. A group of 10 chosen Prophix employees will be lucky enough to break ground on the construction of this school in April 2017!

In addition to these exciting projects, we also participated in many other charitable activities:

  • Employees were given time to attend volunteer days, where we raised funds for a local homeless shelter
  • Prepared meals for people in need
  • Planted flowers with a conservancy program
  • Donated and sorted toys for a holiday toy drive
  • Raised funds for those who were affected by the Fort McMurray Fire
  • Sponsored a Prophix employee in a walk to end Prostate Cancer
  • Participated in a three kilometer walk to help end violence against women

2017 is a new year which brings in new and exciting opportunities for us to expand our journey. While we are making our mark in the world, we want to be proud of the type of footprint we leave behind.

Spread the word on social media and let us world know that you share our belief that every person and organization can and should make the world better. #thinkprophix

Phil Gravel

Aside from having a strong working knowledge of financial operational processes, requirements and applications, I am a team player with excellent analytical and communication skills. I have strong leadership and interpersonal skills and have the ability to communicate comfortably and effectively in both French and English at all levels of an organization.