Rock On: Our Greatest Hits in 2022

Think of your favorite band’s greatest hits album – it’s a compilation of their most head-banging, dance-worthy songs to get you out of your seat. Best-of albums are an opportunity to relive a band’s most popular music over the course of their career. 

So, in the spirit of making 2023 a hit, we’ve compiled a list of our most memorable articles from 2022. Look back on these tips and get a refresher on how to stay agile in construction, why traditional spreadsheets don’t cut it anymore, and how leading companies use Prophix to bridge skills gaps. 

So, without further ado, let’s rock out to our top nine features: 

Modern Contractor Solutions – Industry Challenges  

In Industry Challenges, we looked into the crystal ball to identify where contractors were likely to face headwinds as supply chains, raw materials, and market conditions continued to shift. 

ERP NewsProphix Launched the Industry’s First Virtual Financial Analyst, An AI-powered Virtual Assistant That Leverages Natural Language For Increased CPM Efficiencies 

Geoffrey Ng, our Chief Technology Officer, explores how to bridge the gap between finance and technology in this in-depth interview. 

CFO DiveFinance analytics called key to Jackson Hole’s skier experience  

Molly Wolanski, Jackson Hole’s Reporting and Analytics Director discusses how its finance team uses Prophix to predict the bestselling weekends for their resort. 

CFO Dive – CFOs call continuous planning key as Ukraine, inflation stir volatility 

Ryan Van Hatten, our Chief Financial Officer, delves deeper into our 2022 CFO Benchmark survey. He also discusses the implications Russia’s invasion of Ukraine might have on CFOs and the broader economy. 

Fortune CFO DailyEver-evolving CFOs now have another thing to manage: climate-risk disclosures 

See why leading CFOs are streamlining their manual spreadsheet-reliant finance processes with technology. 

InformationWeekFintech, Cloud, and Finding Ways to Bridge the Skills Gap  

Andrew Kenney from Scoular provides readers with a first-hand account of the benefits of Prophix. 

CFOGrowing Pains: Stuck on Excel 

Wayne Slater, our Director of Product Marketing, highlights why traditional spreadsheets won’t cut it anymore. 

FEI DailyWhen FP&A Experts Leave: A Q&A With Prophix’s Phil Gravel 

Ensure your company doesn’t miss a beat when someone from the finance team decides to leave with advice from our Vice President of Customer Success, Phil Gravel. 

CSOWhen blaming the user for a security breach is unfair – or just wrong 

Learn why training non-tech-savvy users to recognize phishing and other credential-based attacks is essential. But expecting employees to defend the front lines against intrusions is a mistake. 


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