See how Community Physician Network analyzes insurance payouts and measures employee productivity

Community Physician NetworkProphix’s most loyal customers and those using our software for innovative purposes are often one and the same. Bringing these stories to light is my favorite part of the job.

This brings me to Community Physician Network (CPN). CPN has run Prophix’s software for years and their Prophix administrator, Connie Noonan, Finance Manager – Forecast and Reporting, has been a leading advocate of Prophix for nearly as long. Connie and I have collaborated to spread the word about CPN’s impressive automation, analysis, and efficiencies.

Here is a quick look at CPN’s story:

About Community Physician Network

Located in Central Indiana, Community Physician Network is part of Community Health Network, which is ranked among the United States’ most integrated healthcare networks. Community Health Network oversees specialty and acute care hospitals, health pavilions, surgery centers, home care, MedChecks, behavioral health, and employer health services.

Community Physician Network’s business problems

CPN conducted their financial processes manually using a combination of Microsoft FRx Reporter, spreadsheets, and database software. Most of their work was manual.

Two basic problems emerged:

  • Microsoft was set to cancel support for FRx Reporter
  • CPN was growing quickly and they could no longer rely on manual processes and the mishmash of software programs to which they had become accustomed. At the very least, this would impact their budgets, forecasts, reports, and operational plans

According to Connie, “We needed a true picture of our organization’s financial health. Using spreadsheets for budgeting and forecasting won’t allow you to pull all of your information together. You can only stay high-level, you lose a lot of detail, and you sacrifice accuracy.”

Those comments echo concerns that we hear regularly from companies who are considering the adoption of Corporate Performance Management (CPM) software.

Typical frustrations for organizations that rely on spreadsheets

  • Security and compliance
  • Manual distribution
  • End users struggle to fill out budget templates
  • Poor data consolidation
  • Lack of accountability
  • Manual processes
  • Frequent errors
  • Inability to conduct scenario planning
  • Duplicated efforts
  • Wasted time
  • Infrequent opportunities for analysis
  • Difficulties building various report types

CPN evaluated a number of solution providers and decided that Prophix looked like the best match for their needs based on our product’s scalability and ease of use.

Community Physician Network: Benefits from working with Prophix

  • Automation of their financial processes, including a reduced budget cycle time from 5 months to 2 months (a 60% savings) with much of that time now devoted to review and analysis
  • A direct connection to CPN’s McKesson general ledger software, automatically pulling data into Prophix on a nightly basis. This saves time, prevents errors, ensures data integrity, and allows end users to drill across into McKesson and investigate details
  • CPN produces a summary Report Binder that shows service volumes, a snapshot of the income statement, actuals to budget comparisons, and more. This was designed with the organization’s CEO in mind
  • Straightforward analysis of payer mix, tracking revenues from insurance providers, Medicaid and MediCare
  • Weekly reports that allow CPN to closely monitor work relative value units (wRVUs), which they use to measure physician productivity and calculate physician compensation

Read the full case study about Community Physician Network


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