Software Development at Prophix: A Phixer’s Perspective

The everyday tasks of building solutions for financial operations requires reliable, scalable cutting-edge tech, and the passion of intelligent minds coming together to solve problems. Wei Meng shares what it’s like to be part of our Engineering team. 

When did you join Prophix? 

I joined Prophix as a Software Developer in 2010 after emigrating to Canada. I had previous experience working in software, and upon completing a Microsoft certification at Humber College, Prophix was recruiting new team members from the program.  

I’ve been at Prophix for over ten years, and I’m now a Senior Software Developer. I continue to be excited by our work. What makes us unique is the approach we take to problem-solving. We learn from others, evaluate existing technologies, and build proprietary tools to bridge gaps and satisfy our needs.  

Can you describe the engineering culture at Prophix and why it’s fulfilling? 

Collaboration is a critical factor in our success and the way we work. We have three days in-office where Architecture, Development, and Product teams come together to plan the design, choose the technology, map out our Agile stories, and share knowledge and ideas. We physically use a whiteboard to work out problems or draw up the plans, so that everyone has a clear idea of the direction we’re taking for the sprint, what the blockers are, and how we will fulfill our tasks.  

As a senior leader, I take on the responsibility of bringing new team members up to speed with our product, how we use our tech stack, and the methodologies we follow. As soon as that’s clear, they are able to play an active role in the development, testing, and implementation of functionality and features that are delivered to our customers around the world. It’s very fulfilling to know that your work is making an impact on customers. 

How does Prophix support your technical skills development and career growth?  

Prophix nurtures an environment where you are continuously learning and challenging yourself. Whether it’s taking a professional development course, researching and trying new tools, or moving to another Agile team working on a different project, there are many ways to grow your skills and gain exposure. 

What makes Prophix a workplace that supports women in technology?  

Our hybrid model allows me to focus on what’s important to me at any given time. I love what I do and having the chance to communicate face-to-face across teams is an advantage, which is balanced by the freedom to work from home a couple days a week. I have two children who are enrolled in a number of after-school activities. The way we work efficiently, collaboratively, and flexibly at Prophix enables me to leave work early when I need to. We are trusted to fulfill our commitments and deliver our stories for the end of the sprint. This is rare in Engineering, and as a woman, I find the liberty to set my hours and the respect for my after-work time truly rewarding.  

If you are looking for a work environment that takes an exciting approach to solve complex problems, we are hiring for a number of roles on our Development team. You can see our open roles here or follow us on LinkedIn for company updates. 


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