One of the largest global distributors of ERP software was confronted with an issue

SYSPRO: A Prophix Customer & Partner

One of the largest global distributors of ERP software was confronted with an issue

We understand that a common pain point in the finance industry is erroneous and untrustworthy data. This type of data in the budgeting process is a growing concern for many large and small organizations.

These issues usually arise when companies use Excel to prepare their information, making it difficult to monitor revisions and conduct in-depth analysis. SYSPRO, one of the largest global distributors of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, was recently confronted with this issue.

After evaluating competing CPM software, SYSPRO chose Prophix for three primary reasons; ease-of-use, accurate results and the ability to get data out of their systems quickly and accurately.

After implementation, SYSPRO was able to significantly reduce manual intervention, resulting in fewer inaccuracies, thereby eliminating erroneous data. This is because Prophix works directly with their SYSPRO ERP to deliver real-time data and analysis.

Not only is SYSPRO a Prophix customer, they are also a global strategic partner. At Prophix, we are thrilled to partner with a company who not only distributes our product but who also uses it themselves. This speaks to the value of Prophix and the benefits it can deliver to an organizations’ financial processes.

To read more about what SYSPRO’s Prophix implementation, view our case study to learn more about the SYSPRO & Prophix partnership, read our press release.


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