Finance Presentation Tips: Expert Advice for Dynamic Presentations

Towards More Dynamic & Engaging Finance Presentations

“I do not object to people looking at their watches when I am speaking. But I strongly object when they start shaking them to make sure they are still going.” -William Norman Birkett

Most people don’t go into finance because they love public speaking. Most of us are happy to crunch numbers, analyze data, and solve problems. Presenting critical finance data to a roomful of executives (all of whom look like they’d rather be somewhere else) isn’t really a favorite part of the job.

As businesses grow more data-driven, however, the office of finance has an opportunity to take on a more advisory role in the organization. Finance already has the data to help inform business decisions. The challenge is to communicate the data in a compelling, to tell a clear story that inspires your audience to take action.

Dynamic, engaging finance presentations don’t happen by accident. Presenting complex data in a clear way that makes sense to the audience is a skill. It’s a skill that must be developed through instruction and practice.

To help finance professionals energize their presentations, we created a new resource: Finance Presentation Tips: How to Level Up with Real-Time Data.

If you’ve seen your CEO check her watch during a meeting — or worse, start shaking it — this page can help. Check it out to learn:

  • How to create more compelling data visualization
  • How to choose what data to include for your audience – internal or C-suite
  • How to use real-time data for dynamic, interactive meetings
  • Quick do’s and don’ts for preparing and presenting

And more.

You’ll also find a preview of our Pro Talks video series, which features expert finance data advice from CFOs and financial consultants.

Finance data is far from boring: It’s the lifeblood of the entire business. Finance professionals need to take charge of how they present it. With the right skill and preparation, they can show every stakeholder just how fascinating finance data can be. Those who can level up their presentation skills will be far better equipped to be leaders in the organization.

Ready to make your finance presentations irresistible? Check out our resource page now.


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