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This is your brain on Visual Analytics: the benefits of processing information through images

visual analyticsThe Value Visual Analytics

An often shared internet fact states that:

Individuals process visuals 60,000 times faster than text

That may seem like a staggering figure but consider how much information we ingest on a daily basis. Think about your browsing habits on Facebook; images receive 94% more engagement than posts with just text.

Because of the way the human brain processes information, using visual representations of data is much easier than pouring over spreadsheets. Visual representation of complex data is the easier way to convey concepts or ideas.

But why?

As humans, we are genetically predisposed to process the world visually.


The brain is designed to respond to certain types of communication.


The brain interprets visuals faster than language.

Which sign is easier to process?


Visuals engage the brain through appeal, encourages comprehension and leads to retention and better recall.

What is Visual Analytics?

Visual Analytics is the ability to visually analyze data in a way that presents information rapidly and easily to make it more consumable by a broad set of audiences. The value realized from the data can result in providing better, more readily accessible insights to drive decision making.

Visual Analytics engages both sides of the brain; left-brain thinking where logic and analytical skills live and right-brained thinking where creative and visuals preside.


Mike Tindal

As Vice President, Marketing, Michael Tindal leads a team that sparks customer engagement as well as ensures customers’ insights are regularly captured.

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