Visual What?

The Power of Visualization

Let’s face it, the way in which most business data is presented to users is boring and difficult to use. Endless pages of tables, unreadable font sizes and limited flexibility/interactivity all add up to a frustrating and less than optimal user experience.

Why does it have to be so difficult to understand and action what your data is telling you about the performance of your operations, the dynamics of your market and the needs of your customers?

Humans are visual creatures and it’s so much more intuitive for us to identify trends, uncover relationships and plan for the future when this information is presented in graphical form. Add to this the power of interactivity enabled by structured analytical models and now this data can now truly help to supercharge your organization’s decision making.

At Prophix, we firmly believe in the power of visualization to drive better insight and action. We are driving hard to make the Prophix experience more visual in every way. Prophix Visual Analytics is the engine powering the new Dashboard Interactive Charting capabilities in our latest release. Using these tools, organizations will be able to accelerate their analysis and enhance their flexibility to see data from all perspectives.

But this is just the beginning of our journey. Over the coming months, we will also be looking to integrate these interactive visual capabilities into more of Prophix. Imagine being able to adjust and iterate your budgets and manipulate forecasts, quickly and easily by interacting with a graph or chart, rather than having to input values into a worksheet or manage complex spreadsheets.

With these enhanced “visual” capabilities, analysis and planning become democratized, enabling more and more users across your organization to become engaged in and contribute to the process.

We look forward to this next step in the evolution of Prophix!

Ronel Marbella

As Director of Product Strategy, Ronel is responsible for continually looking forward to shape the future direction of Prophix’s solutions and offerings. He has over a decade of experience in Business Strategy, Modeling and Planning with deep knowledge of Corporate Performance Management gained by working with many clients and customers across a broad range of industries worldwide.