What is UXD?

Is there a product that you could not live without?

Whether it be your smartphone, tablet, computer, software, website or app. I can safely say, that most people would answer that question with a resounding “Yes!”.

So, what compels us to use it?

We use these products for several reasons. They are designed to be, simple to use, effortless, intuitive, and make our lives easier and more productive. The pleasurable experience you get by the interaction of completing what you need to do, easily, efficiently, and without complications, is in part, the study of User Experience Design (UXD).

UXD focuses on improving the usability and accessibility of a product. The interaction and design is dictated by the user, and is the key to understanding how to improve the experience.

Our customers have always been our focus and it is because of them that we have taken a user centric approach to the design of our application, and as a result have created a UX Design team. We want to ensure that our users have the best possible experience, and have always strived to keep them in mind when creating new or improved functionality.

By gathering feedback and listening to our clients we are able to quickly assess and understand the needs, wants and limitations that our users face, and incorporate that into the design of our ever growing and changing application. We are committed to changing the face of business software by making our applications as intuitive, attractive, and fun to use as personal technology.



Do you ever wonder why the software you use at work doesn’t match that of the ease and beauty of your products at home? Historically, UXD has been focused on consumer applications, and has been neglected in business applications. Today, UXD is the differentiator among competing applications. People are moving towards applications where the UX and UI provide intuitive, elegant functionality, instead of complex software that requires too much of our precious time to understand. This is the next evolutionary step in business applications.

Brandon Hendricks

Passionate designer that wants to continually grow, learn, and share. Brandon is intrigued by the complexities of how people interact with websites, applications and products, and it inspires creation and exploration of opportunities in experience innovation.