Increase Staff Value with Ongoing Prophix Education

Beyond Implementation Training

Increase Staff Value with Ongoing Prophix Education

Considering that your employees likely represent your greatest (and most expensive) asset, shouldn’t you be increasing their value over time just as you would any other investment?

It is always shocking to me, the amount of money we invest in software, but minimally in training people to get the most out of it and improve their performance over time.

It’s a little like paying $1300 for an iPhone X and then using it only for placing phone calls and the odd text message.

Training your users

Prophix Academy’s LMS (Learning Management System), provides 24-hour access to learners from virtually any device.  Online courses are broken down into consumable chapters that align with the different user types and features available in Prophix.  This allows learners to focus on the material that is relevant to them one day, but also access the material at the next user level so they can prepare in advance for a new role.

Not crazy about online learning?  Prophix Academy offers live training sessions monthly across the globe.  Here you can learn alongside other Prophix users and share ideas and solutions to some of the problems that Prophix had help solve.  The courses offered, locations and dates can be found at

One of our most popular offerings is to create customized content using the customer’s model.  This way, our Prophix experts are delivering training that is very specific to the application but providing additional insight along the way.  We leave behind a comprehensive document for you to maintain and re-use as needed.

Without ongoing education on any software platform, human nature takes over – employees default to the instinct to just “get the job done” rather than take the time to explore and master how to do it better. You want your people to be their best, work efficiently, and master the software that you have invested in.

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Ron Massicotte

Ron brings over 15 years of CPM experience to the table in his new role at Prophix.  On top of the Prophix Academy and Technical Alliance responsibilities, Ron manages all product-related aspects of marketing campaigns and the relationships with the various industry analysts that monitor and report on the CPM space.