Five Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy Prophix Software (wink, wink)

softwareThere are many great reasons to invest in corporate performance management software to automate your financial processes but, have you considered why you SHOULDN’T?

1. You love budgeting! Your love of creating and revising budgets knows no bounds. You wish you could spend every minute of your working day on budgets that may or may not be accurate and may or may not be current.

2. You don’t believe in technology. If you’re skeptical of technology and doubt automation can save you time, then CPM software is not for you. If you could, you would still use an abacus.

3. You like working overtime, all the time. Month end, year end, quarterly results – these are the reasons you jump out of bed and rush to work every day. You especially love working extra long hours, cold take out food and never seeing your loved ones.

4. You don’t want to look like a superstar. Automation, planning, stunning visual analytics, no thanks! You’d rather not rock the boat and stick with good old Excel.

5. You prefer to manually pull data from several sources. General ledgers, ERP systems, CRM and other data sources all need to converge to create accurate financial reports. But you’d rather spend the time doing that yourself rather than having Prophix pull data from any source automatically.

Mike 😉

Mike Tindal

As Vice President, Marketing, Michael Tindal leads a team that sparks customer engagement as well as ensures customers’ insights are regularly captured.

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