Innovation Series

Innovation Series: The Office Virtual Assistant Is Closer Than You Think (Yay!)

It’s been on my bucket list since I started working, an Assistant. Not a secretary, but rather, think Donna from Suits (If you haven’t watched an episode of Suits, I highly recommend it – smart, legal drama. Sorry I digress). Someone to help organize the chaos in my life!

Although I’m still miles away from hiring a Donna, the idea of an assistant is closer to a reality for us all.

Digital Home Assistant
Digital Home Assistant

Enter The Virtual Assistant. The battle is raging amongst the technology giants to equip each and everyone with a Digital Home Assistant.

  • Apple with HomePod
  • Google with Google Home
  • Amazon with Echo

Here’s the pitch:

You’re out for a run and come across a nice little café. You pull out your device and say, “Schedule coffee with Dave next week.”

The virtual assistant kicks in.

  • Your assistant and Dave’s virtual assistant coordinate calendars to find a time that works, books a table at the café, and adds the coffee date into each of your calendars.
  • You’ve now reconnected with an old friend.
  • Magic!

This is really a confluence of a number of very cool technologies:

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP): the ability to voice commands
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): interpret commands and create actions
  • Cloud computing: things are more connected
  • Amazing! Technology is converging to streamline your home life.

What about your work life?

You’re a financial professional. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a Virtual Financial Analyst?

Imagine a world where you could give commands, and have financial planning & analysis completed.

Your financial systems and data are all in place. What’s missing is the Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence. Enter Prophix.

Here’s the pitch:

You have to prepare the quarterly Board report package including full financial statements and recommendations for the line of business that appears to be below target.

You ask Prophix for help.

“Prophix, consolidate third quarter results and send me the bottom five net income reporting regions.”

Prophix goes to work. You grab a coffee with Dave.

When you return Prophix will have served up the reports you need, to allow you time to address the exceptions. Once completed, Prophix steps in to help.

“Ok, Prophix. Distribute Q3 Board package to Senior team first thing Monday morning.”

Scary and exciting!

When we start to embrace the rapidly changing technologies, there are no limits to what we can do!

As financial professionals, the challenge is breaking free from the same old. What’s worked in the past, will not work in the future. The way we work is going to fundamentally change. This is a fact. The choice you have is how do you plan to adjust to this new reality.

Now back to my bucket list. I’m so close to crossing one more thing off. Which also means I can add something new back on. What to add…

Alok Ajmera

My passion is excellence; mantra is velocity; and guiding principle is compassion. As Prophix’s President, I am responsible for ensuring that every customer, prospective customer, partner, employee and shareholder around the globe has a memorable and positive experience with the company and its products.