Moving On From FRx – Your Company Will Thank You

Free yourself from FRx.

Moving on from an older software you’ve become familiar with can be uncomfortable and the task to find a suitable replacement can be daunting. However, now that FRx is no longer supported with Microsoft Dynamics GP it is time to ask yourself, what’s next and how do I get started?

Reporting is an integral part of tracking your company’s financial health. Executives and stakeholders count on finance to provide accurate and consolidated data to make strategic business decisions but what if there was a way to remove the complexity and inaccuracies from your reports and distribute the most up-to-date information with the click of a mouse…well, there is a way!

Perhaps you are a small team that’s managing just fine consolidating spreadsheets into your financial reports but formula errors and incorrect values are often the cases, and you need to be confident in your numbers. Data drives the decisions made every day in your business – you cannot take the chance they are wrong.

With FRx support discontinued and Management Reporter unable to offer the robust reporting functionalities companies require – now is the time to research and discover how solutions, like CPM (Corporate Performance Management), can positively impact your financial future. Harness the insights from your data with a single application – free your mind from the stress of seeing #REF! Moreover, free yourself from FRx.

Click here for the 7 Reasons why Prophix is a better alternative to Excel, FRx and Management Reporter.


Your business is evolving. And the way you plan and report on your business should evolve too. Prophix helps mid-market companies achieve their goals more successfully with innovative, cloud-based Corporate Performance Management (CPM) software. With Prophix, finance leaders improve profitability and minimize risk by automating budgeting, forecasting and reporting and puts the focus back on what matters most – uncovering business opportunities. Prophix supports your future with AI innovation that flexes to meet your strategic realities, today and tomorrow. Over 1,500 global companies rely on Prophix to transform the way they work.