New Infographic: Time spent on budgeting – the harsh reality

When an Aberdeen Group study recently reported that 66% of Best-in-Class companies are automating their budgeting processes, it was exciting news for finance professionals across all industries. It clearly showed that finance departments in North America’s most visionary companies are actively adopting technologies because they recognize an urgent need to:

  • Increase their efficiencies
  • Reduce the time spent on budgeting
  • Re-allocate the time spent on budgeting to activities that contribute more value to their companies

budgeting infographThe results also highlighted the positive and measurable benefits that finance professionals are achieving right now by automating their budgeting processes. Inspired by this new attitude towards budgeting, Prophix conducted additional research on finance professionals. While the results are exciting, they also revealed some telling truths about today’s finance professionals who are responsible for budgeting.

Check out the infographic that identifies how finance professionals:

  • Spend time on budgeting
  • Want to spend budgeting time
  • Are reducing the time spent on budgeting


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