Prophix Version 12

The Product Evolution Journey of Prophix Version 12

I am very pleased and proud to share with you, the availability of Prophix Version 12. The latest version of our CPM software not only includes powerful new features but also represents the beginning of a product journey for Prophix.

Our plan is to evolve Corporate Performance Management software to a place where ease of use and user experience are as important as the capabilities of the software itself.

In the decades we’ve been doing business, we have discovered that many, if not most companies implement basic functionality, like budgeting, but tend to avoid going deeper with CPM software because it is not intuitive for all users. We want to make our product easy and accessible to even the non-finance person.

Prophix Version 12 is a step forward in our product evolution journey, with an enhanced user experience and newly added web client with browser access, users can better access the essential information they need to do business.

Some of the new product highlights include:

• User experience developed after hundreds of hours of usability studies with everyday users, designed to make it even easier to complete key tasks in performance management across the organization.

• Web client based on HTML5 technology for access all major browsers (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, Safari).

• New Dashboard Studio for self-service dashboard creation by any user through a drag and drop user interface. Innovative mashups to monitor key business processes and performance metrics may be created using a data sourced from within Prophix or externally.

• A redesigned Workflow Tasks portal and new workflow dashboard tile for quick access to assigned tasks, and monitoring of completed, past due, and future tasks.

• An enhanced navigation and layout selection user experience in Ad hoc Analysis and Templates. Developed directly based on user feedback, these changes enable users to interrogate and navigate across multidimensional data to get to exactly what they need in fewer clicks.

• Further enhancements to line item schedules and cell commentary.

I look forward to sharing more on the Prophix product journey in future posts. Stay tuned!

P.S. The team of developers, testers, professional services and many others worked all hours to make this release happen, my personal thanks to each and every one of them.

Geoff Ng

As Vice-President of Product Planning, Geoffrey is responsible for managing the long-term product and technology strategy at Prophix. Geoffrey began his tenure at Prophix as a management consultant leading the implementation of financial analytics systems at over 70 organizations throughout North America.