Amazing Interactive A New Expert Guide to AI in Finance

Amazing! Interactive! A New Expert Guide to AI in Finance

If you want to feel old this week, find yourself a teenager and explain one of the following:

  1. Road maps: “You had this big paper book and you had to follow along and figure out the turns, yourself!”
  2. Weather reports: “You had to watch a specific TV channel at a specific time to see if it was going to rain!”
  3. Rolodexes: “You flipped through a huge collection of cards to find the contact you wanted and dialed the number by hand, every time!”

All three of these phenomenon, and many more, are now as simple as using your voice. “Okay Google, navigate to the nearest grocery store.” “Alexa, what’s the weather tomorrow?” “Hey Siri, call my mom.”

Artificial intelligence has revolutionized the way we interact with data in our private lives. And these changes are coming to the workplace, too. Someday soon, compiling a quarterly report will be as easy as asking Alexa to play Despacito.

In other words, the office of finance is on the verge of massive new changes. AI and machine learning offer substantial opportunities — and also a few obstacles to look out for.

To help you get a handle on what’s to come, we asked experts to help answer your most burning questions about AI in finance. And we created an interactive digital assistant, Penny, to guide you through their advice.

Check out Adapt & Innovate: AI and the Next Evolution of Finance to learn:

  • How finance leaders can get started with AI
  • How finance teams can use data to guide organizational strategy
  • How to realize immediate and concrete benefits from AI adoption
  • How to make AI art of your business strategy

And more.

Ready to learn? Check out the entire guide in the window below, or click here to view full screen

Ready for even more insight? Download Activate Insights: The CFO’s Guide to AI and Machine Learning in Finance.


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