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Security and Data Protection – Your World is Changing

If you aren’t a Fortune 500 company, it’s tough to believe that a cloud service provider could care about the security of your data the same way you do.

Can their security programs meet your requirements? The growing reality for the average enterprise is that adequately securing complex systems in-house is growing more and more untenable.  The real question to be asked is if your IT team has the in-house expertise and resources to properly secure your data in the face of increased regulatory compliance and advanced persistent threats, not to mention the burden of legal liability in the event of an incident.

Many still believe in the myth that “SaaS “ is inherently insecure however , a recent poll  among IT professionals serves to dispel this all too common perception.

The truth is that cloud-based services can offer more than just the buzzwords, such as Elastic Scaling and Advanced Analytics.  The shared nature of a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform brings the economics of scale to IT Security and Compliance allowing your organization to take advantage of the protections offered by SOC2 / ISO27001:2013 type controls which most on premise IT departments would struggle to achieve.

Factoring in the web-based nature of cloud-based solutions and their inherent ability to provide true business continuity and disaster recovery protection, it becomes more and more difficult to justify the ridiculous expense and complexity of maintaining offline or nearline systems.  These types of solutions also largely sit idle ‘just in case’, and often fail when they’re needed most.

Given all of this – can you afford not to have a cloud first strategy?


Kristofer Laxdal

Experienced Director Information Security with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Strong engineering professional skilled in ISO 27001, Vulnerability Management, IT Service Management, IT Strategy, and Data Center.