Prophix in Nicaragua

Prophix to deliver positive change in Nicaragua

Prophix in Nicaragua

Businesses are increasingly recognizing the power of corporate social responsibility – not just in contributing to the communities they live in and the wider world, but in offering full, enriching experiences and opportunities for employees too.

Corporate social responsibility Nowhere is this truer than at Prophix. Corporate social responsibility is at the heart of the company’s culture, and its commitment to encouraging employees to take part in life-changing community projects is a testament to that.

The latest community to benefit from Prophix’s philanthropic efforts is Pueblo Viejo, Nicaragua where two new classrooms will be built for high school students.  Creating a more dignified space to learn, the project will directly impact more than 25 students with disabilities between the ages of 13 and 18 years old.

Eleven members of the Prophix team will fly to Nicaragua in April to lay the groundwork for the new classrooms, participate in local community life, emerge themselves in the culture and language and take the opportunity to discover Nicaragua and its people for themselves.

Pueblo Viejo is a community of about 120 families, located 35 km from the main city of Matagalpa and the 1500 inhabitants derive most of their income from agriculture.  A community with its struggles, the SOS project will dramatically improve local education for Pueblo Viejo’s youngsters.

Prophix’s UK implementation manager Olga Nomikou is one of the team jetting off to Nicaragua to put her enthusiasm to good use and to develop some new skills too.  She said: “I really believe that the trip will bring a sense of fulfillment to my life.  It’s a chance to appreciate all that I have and remind myself what matters by doing something for other people.  What better way of helping to bring about positive change than being part of that community’s everyday life and working with them.

“This experience will definitely take me out of my comfort zone and give me the opportunity to live and mix with different people and personalities. I really think this experience will change my outlook on life and importantly, will help me to improve my teamwork, people and problem-solving skills.”

Prophix pays half of the costs associated with the trip, which is organized by Students Offering Support Global SOSG, and provides the additional days holiday so that employees don’t need to use their holiday allocation for the trip.  It is this generous and partnered approach between Prophix and its team that not only makes its charitable endeavors so successful but builds an engaged and motivated workforce too.

With just a few weeks left before the Nicaraguan adventure, Olga is a mixture of steely determination, nervous anxiety, and trepidation.  What is clear though is that Prophix and its employees are proud to fly the flag for driving positive change and are quick to embrace life-changing opportunities for the greater good.    We wish Olga and the rest of the Prophix team good luck!

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