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As we dive headfirst into 2021, there’s still a lot unknown about the coming year. As a finance pro, you’re facing increasing pressure to manage the financial implications of 2020 and position your company for continued success moving forward.

If you’re using legacy systems or spreadsheets, it can be daunting to consider the work involved in preparing your cash flow projections, creating new forecasts, and revising your budgets for the new year.

But what if you could quickly pivot plans to analyze your financials and outline how your organization should move forward? That’s why we created the Prophix Free Trial – so you can experience the benefits of automating your repetitive business processes and logically and consistently create budgets, plans, and forecasts.

What Will I Learn?

Get a free, guided journey through our key capabilities. You’ll see how to:

  • Create detailed expense budgets
  • Manage and collaborate on personnel plans
  • Easily run ad hoc analysis
  • Create actionable reports
  • Leverage self-serve interactive dashboards.

For finance professionals in the Construction industry, we also have a tailored free trial just for you. You can:

  • Run financial statements (balance sheet, income statement, and statement of cash flows)
  • Run WIP reports on-demand with daily updates to manage margins better
  • Utilize Ad Hoc analysis for self-service drill down to find out what’s causing profit fade
  • Leverage self-serve interactive dashboards to see quickly and easily what’s important to you using construction industry KPI’s
  • Empower your project managers and finance team with data at their fingertips to make better decisions

What’s Included?

Using fictional data, our guided online experience will take you through everything you need to know about transforming the way you work with Prophix. At any time, you use the live chat feature to speak to a Prophix pro, who can answer your questions and give tailored advice. Explore our easy-to-follow documentation and discuss your future plans for Prophix with our solution experts.

How Can I Try Out Prophix?

All you need to do to access the Prophix Free Trial is fill out our form. Alternatively, if you’re interested in the Construction demo, you can fill out this form.

After requesting access to the Prophix Free Trial, we will contact you to set up your trial environment. There’s nothing to install and no subscription required.

Our Free Trial gives you a preview of Prophix Cloud in a web-based interface, so you can utilize the latest and greatest product innovations, such as our growing list of artificial intelligence capabilities and future add-ons.

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Your business is evolving. And the way you plan and report on your business should evolve too. Prophix helps mid-market companies achieve their goals more successfully with innovative, cloud-based Corporate Performance Management (CPM) software. With Prophix, finance leaders improve profitability and minimize risk by automating budgeting, forecasting and reporting and puts the focus back on what matters most – uncovering business opportunities. Prophix supports your future with AI innovation that flexes to meet your strategic realities, today and tomorrow. Over 1,500 global companies rely on Prophix to transform the way they work.