Prophix User Conference 2017

User Conference 2017: What we learned

Prophix User Conference 2017

“Extremely valuable!”

“I learned things that’ll make my job way easier!”

“PROPHIX is a great company to work with!”

These were just a few of the comments offered up by our customers at this years Prophix User Conference held last week in Orlando, Florida.

The theme for the event focused on “Creating Value.” Value through enabling our customers to be innovative, value through a better customer experience. We highlighted the fact that many customers have been with us for years and called out those in the audience that have been working with Prophix for a decade or more. We also introduced our new customer-focused teams (CAMs, CARs, CSMs, etc.) giving them a prominent role at the event.

We included a “Customer Innovation Panel”  that included customers such as Snyder’s Lance, Boyds Coffee, and Urschel, sharing their thoughts, along with an analyst from Ventana Research, on being innovative using CPM software to create value for their organizations.

The guest keynote was Randall Lane, an editor at Forbes Magazine and the person attributed with getting that publication to its highest readership ever. The premise of his presentation was that we are at a remarkable time, one where millennials – with their unique perspectives and experience – are having a significant effect on creating even more innovation. It lined up well with our message of this being a pivotal time for Prophix and the software market.

One of the real benefits of the user conference is that it gives Prophix customers and staff an opportunity to socialize and get to know each other. The fact that the event was held at Disney meant that in addition to having the business discussions in an excellent conference environment we also had the perfect backdrop for connecting one on one. The reception on Monday evening at the Magic Kingdom was a real hit, as was the early morning run at the Disney Wilderness Resort on Tuesday.

Another hit was the Prophix User Conference App. Nearly over attendee (93%) used the App which not only allowed us the achieve our goal of “going green and paperless” but also helped to take the interactions and communications to a whole new level.

Pulling together this successful event was the result of hard work done by an excellent cross-functional team – Marketing, Sales, Professional Services, Product, and others. This teamwork and collaboration came across to the customers with many commenting on how they clearly see and appreciate the culture we have at Prophix. That genuine interest in helping our customers is apparent and is a key reason so many have been with us for so long.

There is no question that this year’s event more than achieved our goal of creating value for our customers and in turn contributed to goals for the rest of 2017. The conference clearly had the desired impact on generating new revenue opportunities, building customer satisfaction, increasing customers retention, providing a forum for highlighting our transition to Cloud, aligning the organization or simply creating a great customer-employee experience.

So, now we have about 11 months until we do it again – even bigger, even better!

Mike Tindal

As the SVP of Corporate & Market Development at Prophix, Michael Tindal is responsible for the overall marketing function within the company. Michael drives long-term strategy by gathering market intelligence and by seeking out and developing relationships with other relevant technology providers. Based on 35+ years in the technology industry, he brings extensive management, marketing, sales, and business development experience to his role at Prophix. His past positions have included global management roles with worldwide leaders in the software industry, such as OpenText and SAS, along with sales management positions at SUN Microsystems and Digital Equipment. Michael’s background has involved a variety of national and international responsibilities across all aspects of the marketing continuum, from product marketing to corporate communications, field marketing, and enablement. In each of these roles, he has focused on introducing, measuring, and successfully achieving quantifiable metrics that have a direct impact on the success of the company.